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Most Auto Dealers will tell you that a locksmith can't perform the services on Automotive Security Systems.   It's simply not true. 

Since General Motors introduced the VATS system in 1992 we have been investing in the knowledge needed to work on automotive security systems.  Our technicians are trained on a wide variety of security systems both after market, and OEM installed.  

If you have lost your key fob, or if it is not working, give us a call and we can help get you back on the road again.  We make it simple and affordable.  

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We are accredited by the Associated Locksmith of America. 

SAVATA Accreditation. 

ASS Accredited.  (Automotive Security Systems) 

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Auto Locksmith Services

Lost Car keys, Automotive key, Key fob, honda key,

Autos Unlocked

Locked out?  Fast door unlocking service that is damage free. 

Lost Car Keys?

We can replace your lost auto keys.  We will send a auto locksmith service technician to your location and make you a new car key.  No reason to tow your car to the dealership.  We have the keys and locksmith to help you. 

Duplicate Car Keys

Have a key but need a spare?  We can replace that key.  Best of all we come to you.  No reason to go to the dealership and wait.  We send the office to you.  

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